Pescado Covid-19 Secure Workplace Policy

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Pescado have ensured that throughout the continued Coronavirus pandemic, the Health and Safety of our employees, customers and visitors remains our top priority. To help us do this, we are working in accordance with the advice given by the World Health Organisation and Public Health Authorities.


We have put controlled measures in place for our office. We operate a social distancing policy, one way systems and have rearranged our office space including erected screens in between desks. We have enhanced cleaning throughout with a focus on communal areas. PPE is available for all employees and are expected to use the hand sanitisers provided throughout the building regularly. We have implemented clear rules throughout our kitchen of only 4 employees at one time to minimise any contact throughout the working day. We also have a focus on Mental Health to provide support to all our employees.


Wherever possible, contact with external customers should be taken remotely via Microsoft Teams. For the few people that do enter our buildings during this time, we have hygiene stations and PPE available, with signage clearly in the office.


We will continue to change and adapt this policy as the situation evolves further. We treat the safety of employees, customers and visitors as an upmost priority and will not tolerate any compromise of safety. We appreciate all cooperation during this time.

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