How do I set up Vodafone billing?

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When clicking on the below link, please don’t worry if it says you’re registering for a personal rather than a business account as they are both the same. As long as you follow the prompts on screen, you should be able to register with no issues.


  1. Please visit the following website, via Chrome if possible as the site works best via this browser: https://www.vodafone.co.uk/myvodafone/faces/oracle/webcenter/portalapp/pagehierarchy/Page1.jspx#%40%3F_adf.ctrl-state%3D6kx3dzh3y_9
  2. Please select ‘register for my Vodafone’
  3. Select ‘register with my device’
  4. Complete the information necessary, when prompted to enter a mobile number, please ensure this is a number/device you have access to as a code will be sent to this device to continue the process.
  5. If at any point the site asks if you are the Account holder/bill payer or user, please select ‘I am the bill payer’, if you select the other option the billing will only be set up for the one number entered.


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