Cloudya App Update for iOS 14.3, as of 12/14/2020

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As of Saturday, 12.12.2020, version 1.3.6 of the Cloudya app became available for download from the App Store. This version contains a critical update that is necessary for the use of the app under iOS 14.3 which will soon be released by Apple. Unless the Cloudya app has already been updated automatically, this must be done manually via the App Store on your iPhone.

Why an update is critical ? 

Previous versions of the Cloudya app are not compatible with the latest iOS 14.3. The old version is non-functional and freezes completely, making phone calls impossible and also blocking the device and calling functionality of the device holistically until Cloudya is stopped. Developers have developed a hotfix in a very short time, which was already uploaded to the app store on 11.12. and is now available after passing Apple’s approval processes.

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