Vodafone acceptable use policy for using plans abroad, roaming.

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Please find below statement from Vodafone regarding changes to their acceptable use policy:


In line with European Union roaming regulations, our plans come with inclusive roaming. However, under these regulations, this is only meant for temporary, occasional periods abroad such as holidays and short trips – if usage abroad exceeds this, additional charges are applicable.

Up until now, we’ve only monitored usage abroad and not applied extra charges to customers who use their phone abroad for long periods of time (or even permanently).

From 18th January 2021 and in line with regulatory guidelines, we will introduce a permanent roamers policy.

This means we will monitor and check customers’ roaming use over the last 4 month period. If customer uses their phone abroad in any of our plan’s inclusive roaming destinations for 62 or more days in a four month period, and their usage in those destinations is more than their usage in the UK – this will be considered as prolonged period of time and we will send them a warning email or text to let them know that we consider them to be a permanent roamer.


Customers considered permanent roamers will be notified by SMS, and given 14 days’ notice that if they continue to use their plan in our inclusive roaming destinations, we will apply surcharges to this continued use.

The surcharges are defined by EU roaming regulation and are just:

  • £2.61 per GB of data (exc. VAT)
  • £0.028 (2.8p exc.VAT) per minute for calls back to the UK and within the country they’re visiting
  • £0.009 (0.9p exc.VAT) per text message back to the UK and within the country they’re visiting

You will still be able to receive calls and text messages at no extra cost


Useful information

How can you manage your costs?

  1. Firstly, it will still be free to receive calls and texts, so their friends and family can still stay in touch at no extra cost. Encourage your friends and family to call you, it will cost you and them nothing.
  2. The second point to note is that the surcharge costs are very low. It is only 1p per text, 3.3p per minute to call and £3.13 per GB! The prices are set by regulation and are very close to the wholesale costs operators pay providers overseas to offer these services. Use Wi Fi for data wherever possible. If you have home broadband where you’re staying abroad, connect to that. Use public Wi-Fi services such as hotels and cafes when you’re out and about.
  3. We also have a number of spend control mechanisms available:
  • Set your Vodafone Spend manager limit to a level you’re comfortable with
  • Review your roaming bars in My Vodafone (app or online)
  • We automatically apply a data spend cap of £39.33 to your account


If you want to avoid the surcharge completely, there are still a number of options:

  1. If you are a heavier data user and staying abroad for longer, it might be worth considering getting a local SIM or phone.
  2. If you have a dual sim device you may be able to use your UK and the local SIM at the same time. You could receive calls and text from family and friends in the UK on your UK number free of charge and you could use the local SIM for outgoing calls, text and data.

If you are using a local SIM make sure your device is unlocked to that network, please also check your device capability / settings to ensure you can use both SIMs at the same time.

  1. Consider turning off mobile data and / or roaming data in your device’s settings to avoid accidental data use from apps and services running in the background.
  2. Set the spend manager limit to £0
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