Pescado Ola Meet Me Conference Bridge

The Pescado Ola Meet Me Conference Bridge is a private audio meeting room where colleagues and customers can dial-in for a secure discussion.  Every user on the Pescado Ola platform has their own unique participant and moderator ID to control access to enter the bridge.  There is nothing to set-up and no limits to the number of participants or the length of the call.

This service licence is FREE to all Pescado Ola customers:

  • No monthly charge
  • No contract
  • Dedicated telephone number
  • 3ppm per participant from any phone

Based on an 8 person, 40 minute conference call, 4 mobile users and 4 office based the cost with Pescado would be £9.60, a saving of £20.28 compared to Pow Wow Now.

Key features of the conference bridge:

Moderator and participant conference ID:  The call does not begin until the moderator has joined, prior to this participants will hear music and will not have the ability to talk to each other.

Name request: Participants will be asked to say their name, which will then be broadcast to all users when the call starts.  For larger conference calls this option can be omitted.

Outlook plugin & moderator web app: Easily invite participants to a conference by automatically adding the dial-in number and participant ID to an invite.  The Plugin launches a web based Moderator app that will list all participants that have joined and allow the moderator to mute, hold or disconnect them.

Lecture mode: In this state only the moderator can speak.

Call recording:  Any conference that is recorded can be accessed almost immediately through the online portal.  The conference can then be downloaded as a wav file and shared with all participants.

It is a great feature of the Pescado Ola platform that we love using.

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