Pescado Ola VoIP Solution – Features That Mean Business

Pescado Ola is a business communications service with the latest services and applications delivered from the Cloud. Bringing your teams together, whether they are in the office, on the road or working from home.  All users have a range of sophisticated IP handsets, desktop and mobile apps to maximise their productivity and enhance the usability of the service.  The Pescado Ola apps feature instant messaging and presence, follow-me call routing and dynamic audio conference meeting rooms.  What’s more, as a cloud based solution the Pescado Ola platform is always up to date and we are continually evolving and adding new services.

Isn’t it time that you invested in a solution that gives you the flexibility to add the features your business needs at a user level?

Our VoIP Solution – Features that Mean Business

  1. Call Recording

Capture all call transactions for peace of mind.  Play recorded calls back almost immediately in the UBOSS portal.  With Pescado Ola Call Recording can also be deployed in a PCI compliant environment

  1. Conference Bridge

Your private meeting room for colleagues and customers to dial into.  Control the session with the Moderator app.  Offers significant savings against Pow Wow Now.

  1. Broadworks Anywhere

Push and pull live calls between your IP desk phone and mobile for total mobile flexibility. Giving you the ability to start a call on your desk phone and finish it on your hands free kit in your car.

  1. Hot Desking

Easily move seats if you operate a flexible seating policy or need the ability for your users to work at multiple sites.

  1. Call Control

Automatically block CallerID withheld or specific numbers or send them to voicemail. No more nuisance cold calls.

  1. Simultaneous Ring / Mobile Twinning

Your mobile will ring at the same time as your desk phone.

  1. Share your extension across devices

Multi phone support means users can have several devices connected, an ideal solution for users that have a phone in the office, an app on their mobile or/and a phone in their home office.

  1. Voicemail on all devices

All voicemail messages forwarded to your email inbox for ease of access.  In addition, Play, Save, Delete and Call-back from the voicemail tab in the Unity application.

Lots more features come as standard whether you have 1 user or hundreds Pescado Ola has the flexibility to meet your needs.  If you would like to find out how Pescado Ola can support your business, call the Pescado team today on 033 000 22 000