Business data back-up & disaster recovery

There aren’t many things that are more important to your business than its data. We’ve all experienced the feeling of panic when a document is lost or a system goes down, and you have no idea if that crucial report has been saved and backed up.

Seamless system integration

We can provide comprehensive business data back-up services, integrating our data and disaster recovery system with your existing network. We offer a range of options to ensure your data is safe and backed up, to prevent that sinking feeling. Comprehensive offsite data back-ups can take place using a traditional tape device, external hard drive or off-site-back-up. We can discuss the options and work with you to find the best approach for your business.

IT disaster recovery planning

At Pescado, we give you peace of mind, with proof that your data back-up and disaster recovery would work if you were unfortunate enough to need it. Our process includes a complete, real-time recovery test, simulating the loss of your server and demonstrating the speed at which we can have your network back up and online.


We’ve developed this process using the techniques, including: snapshot technologies; bare metal restore functionality; failover clustering of your server (if needed).


All our business IT services are designed to free you to concentrate on running a successful business, safe in the knowledge that all your IT needs are met. IT security, data Back-up and disaster recovery are some of the biggest concerns for businesses. By using our state of the art services you can ensure you’re always protected and your data is safe.

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Mark hill

Mark Hill

IT Sales Director

“Lost files and critical failures can paralyse a business. Cloud back-ups and disaster recovery planning safeguards your business against these worries. Pescado’s services help you save money, save time and ensure your business is always ready in the event of a major issue. The service is easy to use, reliable and works around your everyday business, ensuring you never have to face multiple days of downtime.”

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