Don’t settle for a consumer Wi-Fi solution.

Traditional hard-wired networks can be restrictive and difficult to manage as your business needs change. A wireless network allows you to connect to your office network without the cables and hassle of connecting to a hard wired access point in a fixed place.


Increasingly, users want the ability to step away from their desks to collaborate with colleagues. Working away from their desks doesn’t mean the user wants to step away from technology. Far from it, they expect to be able to access the internet and the network on their laptops, tablets and mobile devices, just like they do at home.


But an office network needs to be more robust and secure than a home Wi-Fi solution. Pescado can install a high quality, professional wireless network tailored to your site and users, including visitors, so they can move around to work in the teams or environment they need and there’s sufficient capacity to give everyone a fast, productive connection.  Our wireless network installation services are carried out by certified engineers who will install the appropriate hardware and set up any devices that you wish to connect to the network wirelessly, such as printers or conferencing equipment.

  • Set up separate Wi-Fi networks
  • Provide branded guest Wi-Fi
  • Easily connect new hardware
  • Quick and simple to expand

We can also perform a wireless network installation survey to determine the best possible coverage for your wireless network.


Whether you’re a small business or a large corporate, The team at Pescado is ready to help you with your wireless network installation.

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dave powell

Dave Powell

Pescado IT Operations Director

“With the increased reliance on the internet by every business, having the right Wi-Fi solution is the simplest way to get your employees connected. At Pescado we have a number of field based account managers, sales managers and engineers. Using our Wi-Fi network, when they visit the office they are constantly productive, because they get connected quickly and have access to the tools that they need. We can do that for your team too.”

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