Support for Windows 7 and Office 2010 is ending

Every product has a lifecycle. It begins when the product is released and ends when the product is no longer supported. In 2020, support will end for Windows 7 and Office 2010.

These products will continue to work, but after January 14th all new security and feature updates will stop. Knowing end of support timelines will help keep your business and employees productive and secure.  Pescado can take a non-intrusive inventory of the software and devices being used within your business. This step helps us scope the extent of your plan and create a timeframe for the upgrades.

Determine how your business will approach end of support:

Pescado can help you create a staged upgrade plan and help you decide if you will be able to use any of your existing IT resources.

Microsoft 365

Embracing new technologies can sometimes be quite daunting for a business that has been using specific versions of software for a long period of time. At Pescado, we can provide clear information and guidelines on what to expect when using the latest versions of software and customise the look and feel of the software to enable a smooth as possible transition.

 Our Procedures and asset checks

Pescado can provide clear and easy to understand information that will help any business prepare for the transition to Windows 10 and Office 2019. This includes options to –

  • Learn about Microsoft 365 and use the hands-on assessment to try out new productivity and management features.
  • Ensure any devices you plan to upgrade to Windows 10 meet minimum device specifications. If they do not, you will need to either upgrade to a new Windows 10 device.
  • Familiarize staff members with the steps to set up Microsoft 365 Business for the first time.
  • Understand how new security capabilities in Microsoft 365 help protect your employees, processes, and devices as part of your deployment.

Installation and Roll-out

  • If not already present, Pescado will enrol your business into the Microsoft 365 plan.
  • We will communicate with your employees to prepare them for the new productivity and security features of Windows 10 and Microsoft 365.
  • Pescado can update each device to Windows 10 individually or explore options for a large-scale automated deployment with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.
  • Install Office 365 apps and Microsoft 365 features from the Admin centre.
  • Get everyone up and running with Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 online training, printable guides, and email templates to share.


Speak to one of our experts and see how we can plan create a smooth and stress free upgrade plan

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