IP Voice

Telephony outage? IP Voice responds when the unexpected happens

The unexpected happens, you lose power, access to your systems, or there is a train strike and many of your team can’t get into the office, how do you respond?

39% of businesses reported losing their telephony services in the last 12 months with each hour of outage costing an average of £24,000 per hourWith the average downtime of 8 hours  these are significant costs and this doesn’t include the impact it can have on customer experience and business reputation.

How can you make sure your service isn’t interrupted with IP Voice?

Pescado’s IP Voice services like Pescado Ola and Sip Trunks help you prepare for the unforeseen.  They are designed with inbuilt disaster recovery which means your calls are diverted automatically should the unexpected happen, making sure your customers can always get through.

If you are a business with multiple offices and one loses power you can choose to reroute your calls to another office.  If there is bad weather or travel delays and your team can’t get into the office you can also have calls directed to mobiles.  One of the clever bits with an IP Voice solution is that you can have pre-set routing plans in place so the moment the system detects a fault it reroutes it automatically, often before you even realise there is a problem.  Or you can log into the system portal and re direct as you need.

With an IP Voice solution Disaster Recovery is included as standard.

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