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At Pescado we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to technology and providing the perfect business landlines solutions for all companies in all industries and of all sizes.


Moving your calls and lines to Pescado is simply a billing change. Your calls will still be delivered over the BT Openreach network, so you are assured of the same great quality at a better price.


We can even look at moving your calls and lines to Pescado whilst you explore the benefits of moving to an IP Voice solution.


There are so many choices when it comes to your office phone systems and if you aren’t familiar with all the technological jargon it can be a little intimidating. Speak to one of the Pescado team today to explore your options. We’ll explain in plain English what the different benefits are in commercial terms, helping you do better business and serve your customers better.

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Pescado Landline Services


Whether you use PSTN as a phone line or the line for your ADSL or FTTC connection, we have a solution for you


Suitable for small and medium sized businesses, ISDN2 lines come in pairs, allowing you to makes and receive multiple, simultaneous calls.


Suitable for medium and large businesses, ISDN30 comes with a minimum of 8 channels and a maximum of 30, to support higher call volumes.

We’ve designed our pre-formed packages to meet the needs of the majority of Britain’s businesses cost-effectively. If you need additional, specialist features, such as full contact centre functionality, we can provide a fully bespoke system.

How can you know which is the right office phone system solution for your company?

Pescado can make this process simple and straightforward.

We pride ourselves on our ability to accurately assess your business needs and provide the right solution. We take time to help our customers understand the package they are receiving in direct, no nonsense language, so you can always be confident you are getting the right package for your business and understand the features and benefits.


While there are many different packages to choose from, there’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple. For many companies, a traditional business phone line and calls package will be exactly what you need to keep a great business productive and running smoothly.


If a traditional business landline package is exactly what you are looking for, we can offer a range of reliable, straightforward solutions to meet your business needs.


Give us a call and we’ll find the right package for your needs.

Still unsure on how hosted telephony works?

Just ask. Our consultants are standing by to discuss your needs.

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