Why your business needs cloud telephony

Top benefits of VOIP systems for small business

  • VOIP systems allow for a convergence of multiple communications and devices at once, creating a system for multitasking.
  • Integrated solutions creating mobility through virtual phone numbers
  • Increased differentiation and flexibility afforded by digital phone interfaces (softphones).
  • Ability to flexibly grow with your business and employees.
  • The stability and voice quality that is provided increases connections.
  • Reliability to connect anywhere with 24/7 support and solutions available allowing accessibility.
  • Call management systems, analytics, notifications and many more advantages are provided through increased features for teams of any size.

Why your small business needs cloud telephones


The sort of phone system you have is quite significant since you and your employees rely on it throughout the workday. Maintaining access to the essential network of solutions all while your workers deliver the work and communication to help in business growth may go a long way in how your company is managed, as customer satisfaction is quite vital. Legacy systems may be a strain in businesses because of the inefficiency they present when compared to newer features available to small businesses utilising VOIP systems.

The three essentials of modern business

communications systems




The speed with which you can reach both buyers and workers should be easily attainable throughout your business. Being able to achieve this through the provided solution may lead to increased efficiency and performance.




The rapid solutions that could be available to you should provide swift response times with both opportunities and clients. This can increase income growth at greater heights with only the essential equipment that is needed within your business.




Provisions for supporting your business in a consistent, secure, and compliant manner should be included in the availability that is delivered. This should be maintained with few or no failures during its lifespan.

How to choose the cloud telephone system that’s right for you

Small businesses may provide extremely personal service through communication, provided experience, and timely content delivery. Consider the availability of small business VOIP systems that do not necessitate big expenditures. Choosing the correct solution depends on the size and needs of your organisation, but you must evaluate which option is of higher value to you.


Flexible phone solutions for businesses of all sizes

For any successful business, a high quality, reliable office phone system is essential, and should always be a priority for any industry or specialisation to ensure good lines of communications with customers, clients and between staff. There are a variety of options and features available for modern business telephone systems.  


Pescado Ola


Unify all your office, mobile users and home workers onto a single VoIP solutions.


One Net


Join up your landline and mobile communications so you are always connected.


Ola Nhanced


Intuitive access to powerful voice features on any device anywhere in the world.

Why Pescado


VOIP phone systems are highly beneficial to small firms of 20 to 50 employees. This has been backed by research that found one-third of all businesses had integrated them into their businesses. Pescado’s thorough insight plus learned expertise of your business enables for the best-integrated solutions and support to be offered and supplied to you. Expert advice makes it easier for you to make worthwhile decisions for yourself that meet reliably high standards.

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