Why your business needs cloud telephony

Why your business needs hosted VOIP phone systems



You depend on your phone system every minute of every day. As long as your people stay in touch, deliver projects on time and provide great experiences for your customers, everything can run smoothly.


But legacy phone systems are no longer fit for purpose and can really hold your business back. Reaching colleagues who are working out of the office, for example, can be difficult – impacting your responsiveness and productivity. Legacy systems can also be difficult to deploy, maintain and use – increasing workloads and frustration.

The three essentials of modern business

communications systems




You need a solution that enables you to connect with employees quickly, maximise productivity and delight customers, while being easy to deploy and simple to manage.




You need a solution that enables you to react to new opportunities faster and generate higher revenues, without requiring extra hardware.




You need a solution that is always up and running to support your business, that fully complies with all regulations and that keeps your data totally secure.

How to choose the cloud telephone system that’s right for you


Freeing you from the limitations of traditional, office-based phone systems, the right cloud telephone system increases your flexibility and productivity, without the need for large capital investment.


Given the numerous solutions available – with different levels of functionality, flexibility, management complexity and resilience – how do you know which one is right for you?


Flexible phone solutions for businesses of all sizes

With just one number and inbox for every employee, your people can easily stay in contact and work more productively – wherever they are, whatever device they are using.


Pescado Ola


Unify all your office, mobile users and home workers onto a single VoIP solutions.


One Net


Join up your landline and mobile communications so you are always connected.


Ola Nhanced


Intuitive access to powerful voice features on any device anywhere in the world.

Why Pescado


At Pescado we get to know your business, enabling us to have an in-depth understanding of your communication needs, so we can recommend and provide the ideal office phone system for you. We take the pain out of choosing from a sometimes-bewildering range of features and services, giving you experience-based, business-minded advice and hassle-free implementation and support.

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