The remote worker

Whilst being the most experienced at bridging the gap between themselves, colleagues and clients, remote workers regularly have to juggle multiple devices and face many communication challenges working from home.


Meet Kim, the remote worker. See how she uses Nvoice for Microsoft Teams to help facilitate his busy work schedule.

Kims Infographic

Kim’s communication challenges:


  • Being contactable at all times
  • Access business information
  • Ability to seamlessly collaborate
  • Secure and reliable interactions with contacts
  • Feeling part of a team and not isolated
  • Balancing work and home commitments

What she needs to succeed:



  • To connect to contacts anywhere at anytime
  • To collaborate both inside & outside the business
  • A tool that makes her feel part of a team
  • A secure and reliable system that she can trust

The Pescado solution



  • Enterprise-grade voice quality
  • Call management services ensure nothing is missed
  • EU-compliant, end-to-end data encryption for secure communications
  • Presence feature means colleagues always know where each other are
  • Threaded, persistent and contextual chat for immediacy of connection
  • Share and co-author files with colleagues through SharePoint in Microsoft Teams
  • Video meeting and screen sharing for productive collaboration

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