The travelling worker

Always on the move in changing environments – often spending over 50% of their time away from the office – travelling workers are the most used to switching between multiple devices and apps to keep connected.


Meet Chris, the travelling worker. See how he uses Nvoice for Microsoft Teams to helpfacilitate his busy work schedule.

Chris's info graphic

Chris’s communication challenges:


  • Access to contacts whatever the location
  • Secure & reliable system that he can trust
  • Managing multiple devices on the go
  • Time-poor due to the amount of travel
  • Background all noise

What he needs to succeed:



  • Reliable connection, whatever the location
  • Access to multiple communications platforms
  • A way to connect to both clients and colleagues
  • Ability to reduce travel and carbon footprint
  • Lightweight and portable devices that deliver

The Pescado solution



  • Enterprise-grade voice quality and access to PBX functionality from any device
  • Enterprise-grade voice quality
  • Flexible calling and messaging options including voicemail retrieval from any phone and call diverting
  • Easy call identification with automatic name resolution from any contact in the company phone book
  • Outgoing mobile calls always present office ID to keep mobile number private
  • Call/video recording to playback meetings/training missed when travelling
  • Integration of third-party apps to support role, including training
  • Interface with Exchange for agenda access to be in the right place at the right time
  • Share, view and edit files from any location
  • Video and screen sharing for virtual meetings

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