What is SIP?

SIP, stands for Session Initiation Protocol. It’s a standard internet protocol for initiating interactive sessions between users – basically, it is used for making phone calls.


SIP trunking, is a VoIP and streaming media service. It’s a powerful and highly flexible solution which can help streamline your business communication costs and provide a high quality of service.

Benefits of a SIP phone solution

A SIP phone solution offers a reliable, proven alternative to the traditional ISDN lines that most telephone systems run over.


Businesses can use their existing PBX phone system, as SIP phone channels can run through your advanced internet connections for a significantly cost-efficient and flexible connection.


SIP channels provide a lower call rate and free calls between sites, making SIP an ideal system for businesses with multiple sites. It also offers the facility to remove geographic locking and advanced features for inbound numbering and disaster recovery.


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IP voice benefits

Trusted technology:

45% of UK businesses have now adopted IP Voice services

Cost savings:

96% of businesses that have adopted IP voice services have made savings. Censuswide, IP Voice study, October 2016

Future proof your business:

Get ready for the ISDN switch off in 2025

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