KPI challenge

The carrot and stick

Targets, key performance indicators, goals, objectives, whatever you call them all businesses have them. How employees work towards them and how they are rewarded varies.

At Pescado we are a target driven bunch and the team have all hit their service targets for the last six months. This is of course down to their dedication and the passion they have for what we do but a little incentivisation also helps!

Pescado’s staff rewards scheme

We’d definitely describe Pescado as a work hard, play hard environment and we like to do things a bit differently. To keep everyone motivated and focused on a day-to-day basis we have come up with a weekly scheme; at the beginning of each week a commitment is made which everyone signs up to. Those who succeed are rewarded but those who don’t face a forfeit.

Pescado staff who have delivered on their weekly targets have benefitted from some great rewards ranging from an all expenses paid night out for the Customer Care team and the Business Development Advisors to 42” LCD TVs and Sony Playstations for some individuals.

The forfeits have been varied and have included everything from taking the “ice bucket challenge” to custard pies in the face and cleaning cars! Everyone gets involved and the rest of the staff particularly enjoyed seeing the Directors subjected to the ice bucket challenge!