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What Type Of Business Internet Connection Do I Need?

We are often asked by businesses what type of business broadband solutions they need. There is now more choice than ever. In many businesses or organisations the person making the decision about which service to subscribe to isn’t necessarily an individual with technical knowledge or an understanding of what the different options can deliver.

Obviously there is a general school of thought that fastest is best. We’d be inclined to agree (well we would wouldn’t we?!)  but as you might expect fastest is also most expensive. For businesses it is often about balancing the organisation’s requirements against their budget constraints.

The problems often arise when the decision maker is focused on budget rather than thinking about practical usage. Making a decision on your organisation’s internet connection based on cost alone is likely to lead to an inadequate service and a frustrated workforce.

What business internet do I need?

ADSL Broadband (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) Not the fastest option but business grade ADSL can be a cost-effective approach and offers the reassurance of guaranteed speeds at all times.  Ideal if you need a reliable connection that works consistently around the clock.

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) Not as expensive as a leased line but faster than standard ADSL so ideal for businesses looking to increase their internet speed without pushing their costs up too much. Fibre to the cabinet involves running fibre optic cables from the telephone exchange or distribution point to the street cabinets.

EFM (Ethernet First Mile) Reliable and high speed connections Ethernet First Mile is great option for growing businesses. Quick and cost effective to install, it is ideal for businesses that want to upgrade with minimum fuss and hassle.

Business Leased line With a leased line the internet connection belongs to your business, no sharing so you are guaranteed a fast, consistent and reliable connection. You are in complete control and can choose the bandwidth for your uploads and downloads, with a leased line you won’t experience frustrating drops in speed and you and your staff will be able to transfer data at any time of day or night.

WAN (Wide Area Networks) This option is worth considering if your organisation operates across multiple sites. You only have one network to take care of and one provider to deal with, which is much more convenient and time-efficient.

At Pescado we work with clients of differing sizes and we understand that each organisation’s requirements are different. We will work with you to understand the demands of your business, your priorities and your plans for the future before recommending a specific type of internet connection.

When a company asks themselves ‘what business internet do I need?’ they are charged with making an important decision and one that can have a huge impact on the productivity of a business. If you have been asking yourself what type of connection do we need, or colleagues have been complaining about internet speeds and are becoming frustrated, then speak to us. We can help you work out which type of business internet will work for you now and in the medium to long term.