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UK Government Encourages Businesses To Protect Themselves Against Cyber Attacks

A new cyber security breaches survey has revealed that, in the past year alone, two-thirds of big businesses in the UK have been hit by a cyber attack!

Since the highly publicised Talk Talk cyber breach last October, people and businesses have become more aware of the severe consequences of cyber attacks.

However, results of a new government survey into cyber security, which were released on Sunday (8th May 2016), revealed that businesses are still not doing enough to address these issues and protect themselves against cyber attacks with suitable IT security policies.

In the case of Talk Talk, personal information and banking details of customers might have been accessed during the breach and the company has suffered a great deal of negative opinion and scrutiny since the incident. It is safe to say this attack has severely shaken customer trust in the firm.

According to the recently released government research, a shocking 25 % of major UK businesses were hit by cyber attacks at least once a month.

Some Of The Most Alarming Statistics Of The Report Are:


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In light of these findings, the UK Government is urging businesses to do more to protect themselves from cyber attack by improving their IT security measures. In the vast majority of cases it has been reported that cyber attacks could have been easily prevented had businesses ensured proper IT security measures were in place.

It is clear that businesses in the UK need to take the threat of cyber attack seriously, especially when these attacks can potentially cost businesses millions of pounds.

Following the survey results the UK Government will now actively encourage businesses to implement increased IT security by detailing a new Cyber Security Strategy, which is due to be published later this year. It will include proposals to improve business IT security.

On top of the new strategy the government has also promised to invest £1.9bn to tackle cyber crime over the next five years.

What Can Your Business Do To Prevent A Cyber Security Breach?

There are a number of precautions businesses can take to identify any vulnerabilities in their system and there are plenty of actions that can be taken to resolve these.

Businesses are responsible for sensitive data and it is essential to ensure the right level of IT security as a preventative to breaches. Pescado are experts in business IT security and can assist in putting these protections in place for your company and managing your ongoing IT security.

Working With Pescado’s Business IT Security Services

We have been providing businesses with comprehensive IT security services in Chester, Cheshire, North Wales, Merseyside and the North West for many years and now we have clients all over the UK. We work alongside a range of large UK businesses to tailor an appropriate level of cyber attack protection for their needs.

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