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Growing Risks

Free Vs Paid Antivirus Software For Businesses

Zero-day Malware

Top Ten Best Antivirus Software for Businesses


Business IT security is absolutely essential. To help you protect your business interests, Pescado have put together a helpful list of the best antivirus software for businesses.

If you are running a business, antivirus software is something you cannot afford to overlook. A breach in your IT security could mean the loss of private company and client data and could spell disaster for your business.

Pescado specialise in virus removal and system security as part of our comprehensive approach to business IT security. In addition to providing virus removal support we are also happy to give advice on the best hardware and business antivirus software.

While every company’s needs are different and we always recommend getting in contact with our team for advice that is tailored to your specific requirements, we have collated a general overview of some of the best antivirus software for businesses currently on the market. This should give you a better idea of some of the essential features to look out for.

Growing Risks

Viruses have been around for some time but in the last couple of decades the number has exploded. The big increase in commercialised malware means a more dangerous world for businesses and individuals. Even visiting legitimate websites leaves you at risk because anyone can get hacked.

Free Vs Paid Antivirus Software for Businesses

While there are many examples of good quality, free antivirus software, these are not predominantly aimed at businesses. Businesses tend to shy away from paid antivirus software and this can be a big mistake. While you may not like investing in products that don’t do anything to improve your profits, you could find yourself in a difficult legal position by using free models.

Free antivirus software will lack some of the business level features that provide increased security and support. Centralised management tends to be a feature that is not included in free versions.

You might have come across circumstances where it seems as though you can get your hands on business grade antivirus software for free, but we recommend caution……

Certain banks offer antivirus software to their customers, including software from high quality companies like Kaspersky. Remember that most antivirus software companies offer versions for end users and businesses. The vast majority, if not all, of free software tends to come with a legal disclaimer that it is not to be used for commercial purposes. This means even those who are self employed could be on wobbly ground if they are using the software for commercial endeavours.

Zero-day Malware

A term you will encounter when researching business antivirus is zero-day malware. It may also be called zero-day virus or next-generation malware. It means a previously unknown computer virus. In the past antivirus software used known signatures to identify viruses but now there is a great deal of malware for which known signatures are not yet available.

Behavioural analysis techniques are commonly used to spot zero-day malware and this is typically found in paid software.

Top Ten Best Antivirus Software for Businesses

ESET For Business

ESET is a highly popular anti virus and business software security company. They provide a comprehensive selection of packages for both end users and businesses, including:

• Endpoint Antivirus
• Endpoint Security
• Mobile Security
• Mail Security
• Virtualisation
• File Security
• Gateway Security
• Data Encryption
• Data Loss Prevention
• Backup and Recovery
• Authentication
• Large Scale Business Solutions
• Large Scale Business Security Packs

and much more.

Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced

A highly impressive piece of software, particularly when it comes to zero-day malware. It blocks malware and infections by identifying and preventative techniques.
Sophos Endpoint is well known for not adversely affecting the performance of your device.


This antivirus software company were winners of a Top Ten Reviews Gold Award last year. This was thanks to the high performance, great security features, ease of use and round the clock support for their business antivirus packages.

Their antivirus solutions actively seek out and destroy malware and known viruses. It is well known for performing well when detecting previously unseen threats. One of the best parts is it does it all without compromising your computer performance.

Panda Antivirus Pro

Panda has a long history of developing antivirus software so they have had many years to perfect their technology. It is best known for its “Collective Intelligence” (this detects, scans and classifies malware in real time) and it’s “Cloud Protection” (which means you don’t even need to install the software).

F-Secure Client Security Standard

Although F-Secure is occasionally criticised for flagging up safe software as malicious it is still very popular because it has been highly praised by independent testing labs. It goes far beyond simple antivirus with firewall, intrusion detection and web filtering and online banking protection. As we increasingly use online banking many businesses will find this a handy extra feature.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

A very popular business antivirus software with a central management system and low download time. Although quite a few users report that it can affect performance and usability of your computers slightly.


Winner of a Top Ten Reviews Silver Award. It reportedly provides high level protection against bots, worms, Trojans, rootkits, spyware, viruses and new threats that could infiltrate your computer system.


Webroot provides several high quality options of antivirus software for small to medium sized businesses. It has repeatedly received high scores. One of the best features of this software, in addition to great protection, is that it won’t take up too much space at only 750KB.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ 2015

This company is famous for helping Interpol to fight cybercrime. They provide various packages to suit different business sizes and needs.

G Data

While this software might slow down your computer it does offer dual engine scanning, high level security, is easy to use and includes advanced protection against malware spread through email or instant messaging.