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Welcome on board!

We have submitted your agreement to the network, if you are porting, the date will have been set and cannot be changed.

Tariff & Porting



Your porting date or go live date


Porting Date & Porting Process

  • You should ensure all users affected by the port have been notified and they are in the UK.
  • Porting can occur at any time during the day (usually 7am to 6pm). This process is governed by the networks and unfortunately we cannot influence it.
  • If you’re changing your handset, ensure all your information is backed up and saved prior to the port date.
  • If you’re keeping your current handset to use on the new network, please ensure it’s unlocked for use on the new network. If you’re stuck, give us a call.
  • If you are changing your handset and SIM then please ensure your new handset has the correct SIM installed and the phone is turned off. Once you lose service on your old handset, turn the new handset on and wait for the new network signal to appear. If this doesn’t happen immediately, don’t panic, just turn off the new handset, wait 30 minutes and turn back on. Repeat this process if unsuccessful.
  • You may experience some loss of service during porting. This is dependent on factors such as network traffic and coverage, but it normally takes no longer than 15 minutes.
  • The porting process is governed by the loosing and acquiring network and Pescado cannot influence this process in anyway. The networks typically will only look at an issue on the next working day following a failed port.

Online Billing

Guidelines for

Once your 1st bill has been produced by , the email address on the contract will receive an email detailing your username and password for the online bill manager (OBM).

Your First Bill

All networks charge in advance for monthly line rentals. The first bill date is pre determined by your network at the point of connection. Your first bill will show pro-rata line rental charges.

When you receive your first bill, you will see two separate charging periods:

Pro-rata – the period from the date that you connected to the network until the date the network produces your first bill. And then the next months line rental charge in advance for the entire following month.

If your agreement involves a line rental credit please note that line rental credits are not pro-rata but are spread equally across your contractual term unless agreed otherwise.

Transferring Your Information

How to transfer all your numbers and contacts to your new handset(s)

The process for transferring your numbers from one phone to another varies according to the make and model of your phone. The most effective way to do this is by downloading the PC software that comes with the phone and follow the instructions.

If you're in any doubt...

Please contact customer support on 033 000 22 000 and we will talk you through it.

Customer Support & Account Management

We are always here to help...

To ensure your account is looked after to the standards you expect, all Pescado customers have the benefit of a dedicated Account Manager to plan reviews and ensure your business gets the most from its service. Account Managers and customers are backed up by our Customer Support Team so you can always get hold of someone.

Your Account Manager will be in touch over the first few days to welcome you to the business and plan your formal account reviews.

Just in case you need us...

Tel: 033 000 22 000, selection option 1, then option 1 again

Please quote your account number on all correspondence, your unique account number is

Thank You

Thank you for placing business with Pescado. It maybe one mobile, a phone system or an IT support agreement.... it really doesn't matter, our ethos is the same. We want to serve you brilliantly, offer great advice and of course great value. We don’t shy away from feedback so please let us know if we can help you or if we can further improve. Please contact myself and the senior management team at TheBigFish@pescado.co.uk

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