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Over 181 years combined experience in delivering IT & telecoms solutions

Together we are Pescado

The team has a wealth of experience in the solutions we deliver and shares and extends this by mentoring our growing team

Fraser Watson

Group Managing Director

“It is our people and our commitment to great service that we believe sets us apart. The team and I take great pride in the service and support we give to our customers. The business has come a long way since we started as a team of three back in 2006. The team and customer base has grown massively since then but our ethos and commitment to our customers remains the same – that’s what’s fuelled our success and growth and will continue to do so.”

Jonathan Weeks

Group Finance Director

“I am so proud of our service delivery and support teams: they go above and beyond to make sure we deliver. A lot of our customers take time to give us great feedback about their experiences – it’s the best bit of my job to pass that feedback on.

In the spotlight

Name: Tom Waring

Title: Operations Executive

Pescado Start Date: July 2009


Main Responsibilities:
I am responsible for activating all of the mobile connections that go through Pescado. The general day to day responsibilities include: performing credit checks, writing customer contracts, arranging ports and migrations for mobile customers with multiple UK mobile networks as well as stock management, rotation and delivery. The role plays a vital part in the day to day running of the business and affects customer experience directly.

Favourite thing about working at Pescado?

Pay Day! But on a serious note… I genuinely enjoy the direct and common sense approach to completing tasks and problem solving.


To quote Dana Scully from The X-Files, “Pick up the phone and make it happen!”


What is great about Pescado is that the Managing Directors will make time for you and are directly approachable should you have any issues that you need to raise with them directly – which may seem like a plain and simple response, especially when having easier answers available such as: trips to Marbella, fund raising days, trips to Silvertsone etc. – but having that human connection readily available makes you feel valued and respected daily as opposed to momentarily.


If you could switch jobs with anyone else at Pescado for the day, who would it be and what would you like to do?
It would be Fraser Watson (Group Managing Director). I’d like the peace and quiet of having my own office for the day.


Favourite / most poignant Pescado memory?

Walking into the office straight up to Jonathon Weeks (Group Finance Director) and asking him for a job immediately after leaving University.

He said “No”.

Then paused.

He then interviewed me for twenty-five minutes.

Then I walked out with a job as he said I could start on Monday.

I am still here ten years later after being promoted to work alongside Paul Warburton (Operations Director) around seven years ago.

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
A Volcanologist and a Jedi.


What is your guilty pleasure?
Playing Nintendo consoles and games – I don’t feel that guilty about it though, gaming is such a powerful and evolving industry these days and it has a bright future ahead.


Tell us something that people would be surprised to know about you?

Ozzy Osbourne poured a whole bucket of water on my head.

I still buy CD’s and have a collection of music that is arranged in alphabetical and release date order.


Who should complete this next?
I am going to choose Carl Blago.

Pescado values

Passionate & Determined

Be positive – always have a
‘glass half full’ attitude.


Act with honesty and integrity,
stick to what you say you’ll do.

Supportive & Respectful

Listen to one another,
and to our customers.

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