Together we are Pescado

The team has a wealth of experience in the solutions we deliver and shares

and extends this by mentoring our growing team.

Fraser Watson

Group Managing Director

“It is our people and our commitment to great service that we believe sets us apart. The team and I take great pride in the service and support we give to our customers. The business has come a long way since we started as a team of three back in 2006.”


Jonathan Weeks

Group Finance Director

“I am so proud of our service delivery and support teams: they go above and beyond to make sure we deliver. A lot of our customers take time to give us great feedback about their experiences – it’s the best bit of my job to pass that feedback on.


Amanda Williams

Marketing Manager


Andy Murphy

Technical Director


Ben Wilson

Sales Director


Dan Jacques

Commercial Director


Justin Carl

Client Services Director


Mark Hill

IT Director


Mal Formston

Head of Finance


Paul Warburton

Onboarding Director


Sarah Huligan

Service Delivery Manager


In the spotlight

Name: Carl Blago

Title: Field Account Manager

Pescado Start Date: July 2018


Main Responsibilities:
My main responsibilities is to help UK Businesses discover the latest in technology and to tailor the perfect telecoms solutions for any business. Maintaining and developing relationships with key clients and promoting Pescado’s offering to both new and existing customers.

Favourite thing about working at Pescado?

Favourite thing is the flexibility within the role, with our systems all integrated and our Telephony integrated via MS Teams it allows me to work from anywhere, anytime!


If you could switch jobs with anyone else at Pescado for the day, who would it be and what would you like to do?

It has to be Fraser; he loves speaking to our customers so he would be in his element! As for me, I would love to drive his car!


Favourite / most poignant Pescado memory?

Not really a favourite moment but the time the Pescado Duck went missing and ended up in a colleagues boot of the car was pretty funny, he actually drove home with the duck in the boot.

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a superstar DJ – never got the superstar bit sorted, but I am a DJ.


What is your guilty pleasure?
MARVEL seems to be my guilty pleasure now; you can’t beat a good superhero movie! Have you heard of Luke Cage?


Tell us something that people would be surprised to know about you?

I broke my collar bone playing non-contact! rugby, yes none-contact! I was going for the try and tripped, tried to do a karate roll thinking I was still nimble enough to roll and landed on my shoulder!


Who should complete this next?
Adele Cruz

Pescado values

Passionate & Determined

Be positive – always have a
‘glass half full’ attitude.


Act with honesty and integrity,
stick to what you say you’ll do.

Supportive & Respectful

Listen to one another,
and to our customers.

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