Why VoIP is the right solution for Pescado and you

In 2010 Pescado had grown to a team of 25 people. We needed a telephony solution that worked for a growing business.  At the time we used a traditional PBX solution connected to ISDN channels.  The system didn’t have all the features our expanding business needed such as call recording and the number of ISDN channels limited the number of people that were able to use the phone.  We quickly realised the only answer was to move to a VoIP based solution that would give the flexibility and the features needed.

9 years later Pescado are now a 60+ strong team with multiple offices, multiple departments and remote workers all with different needs.  Some of our users are office based, some users connect to the phone system via their mobile and others just use their laptop or PC instead of a handset.  The system is totally flexible and allows the management team to see all the calls into and out of the business at any time.

When Pescado moved into our new offices in February this year moving the phone system was just a case of unplugging handsets at the old office and plugging them back in at the new office. Lift and shift it doesn’t get any easier than that and of course all the features we had set up and the businesses phone numbers moved too with no fuss.

We have been so impressed with the solution we deployed that we have invested in it and for over 5 years it has formed part of the Pescado Solution offering. The system continues to evolve and is as new today as the day we invested in it. Here we explore why VoIP is the ideal telephony solution for your business.

 Why Pescado Ola is right for you

  1. Number Flexibility

Retain your existing numbers when you move to Pescado Ola or choose new numbers from anywhere in the UK and almost every major town and city from around the world.

  1. Web Based Admin

In todays modern and dynamic working environment the ability to make changes in real-time 24/7 without contacting a support desk is critical to maintaining competitive advantage.  The Pescado Ola UBOSS portal allows customer admins to add, remove or change service, or access all reports from anywhere within a browser.

  1. Reduced Costs

Migrating to the cloud means you only pay for the users and services you need as a recurring monthly subscription.  This significantly reduces CAPEX as the service is paid for on an OPEX model.

  1. System Reliability

Hosted in the cloud and supporting thousands of business customers in the UK and around the world, the Pescado OLA hosted PBX platform is engineered to provide the greatest degree of reliability and stability.

  1. Mobile First

Our Unity and UC1 Mobile apps give users all the features they have at their desk, including “One Number” where they never display their 07 mobile number.  All services are available including instant messaging and presence (IM&P), Hold, Transfer, Conference and Directory look up.  These apps really enable you to carry your office in your pocket.

  1. Scale Gracefully

Easily add or remove users as seasonal or project based demands require.

  1. An End to Obsolescence

Don’t buy proprietary technology that is already dated when you first purchase it.  The Pescado Ola Cloud UC solution is updated constantly with new features and enhancements available monthly.

  1. Multi-Site and Remote Worker Support

Work together in teams, even when you are not physically together.  Video calling, presence, instant messaging, calendar integration and conference facilities enhance workgroup productivity when your users are spread across multiple locations or require the flexibility to work whilst on the move.

If you would like to find out how Pescado Ola can support your business, call the Pescado team today on 033 000 22 000.