WiFi calling

WiFi calling

Do you have a room in the house where you simply don’t get any signal? Perhaps there are mobile black spots in your office or workplace. Frustrating isn’t it? We’ve all had that experience of wandering around a room, phone aloft, waving it around desperately trying to find a signal. Well with WiFi calling those days could be over (when you are indoors, at least!).

What is WiFi calling?

WiFi calling routes voice calls and text messages over the internet using an available WiFi network when a signal for your mobile network isn’t available.

Services like Skype have been using the internet for voice and video calls for years and of course Apple’s Facetime has somewhat stolen some limelight but WiFi calling from Vodafone and EE is different. You don’t need an app and unlike Facetime you aren’t limited to calling people with the same brand of device.  (You will need a WiFi calling enabled smart phone but there are lots of options). You can make calls to mobiles and landlines and the call will display as your mobile number. The recipient of the call won’t even be aware that it is a WiFi call.

What are the limitations?

You need a Wi-Fi connection so this isn’t going to solve signal problems outdoors in rural areas where no WiFi is available. If you are mid call and the WiFi signal drops theory says it should hand the call over to the sim card, but the call may drop. Unfortunately it isn’t completely fail safe yet.

How to benefit from WiFi calling

We are offering WiFi calling with Pescado Ola. All customers on our hosted telephony product, Pescado Ola, will automatically benefit from WiFi calling, all they need to do is ensure they are using a compatible smart phone and have their WiFi connected with the UC1 mobile application open. As well as avoiding the frustration of dealing with a poor signal it will enable our customers to make cost effective calls and send messages anywhere in the world regardless of the recipient’s network. This is the major benefit, it works internationally and the cost in comparison with mobile networks are really worth noting. You can synchronise your mobile contacts list so it really is no hassle.

For those not enjoying the benefits of Pescado Ola they can still access WiFi calling by downloading the UC1 application from the app store or android marketplace. Give us a call when you’re ready to be set up and we can show you how to effectively use the application.

If you would like to know more about how this could make your life easier, revolutionise your working practices and make working at home and overseas more cost effective then give us a call on 033 000 22 000.